About Us

Gold Coast 4WD & Performance Centre has been serving South East Queensland for the past 24 years and has an enviable reputation for its quality of products and services. Our 275sq.m. workshop facility and mezzanine showroom house a staff of six, including three qualified mechanics and two accessory fitters. Years of experience in the 4WD industry coupled with the requirements of complicated and hi tech vehicles led to expansion of our services to include performance vehicles and the family sedan.

Turbo charging and performance upgrades have become a mainstay of our business and are a natural offshoot of our extensive 4WD experience.

As vehicles become more complex, so do the activities required to keep them in top condition. Our staff are continually updating their knowledge in all areas including common rail diesel technology, computer modifications and enhancements as well as suspension and electronic applications.
Come in and discuss your requirements with our professionals.

Straight talk, sound diagnostic and reliable repair/installation/service. Gold Coast 4WD & Performance Centre.