General Mechanical

Our workshop and team of professional mechanics can handle any general mechanical requirements, large or small.

As modern technology becomes more and more complicated as the years go on. In many cases the technology cannot be repaired, instead it requires replacement when failure occurs.

At Gold Coast 4WD & Performance Centre we do our best to rectify and repair offending components. Often second hand can be obtained with a little perseverance, saving customers substantial dollars and time.

Electronic Fuel Injection, Computer controlled injection pumps, WTI are all developments which improve vehicle performance and reliability.

Wwhen they malfunction you can't just clean the spark plugs and change the leads - it's a major problem. We utilise the latest Snap-On scan tool technology to diagnose and predict future problems.

We service and repair vehicles on a regular basis and report faults before they manifest into major problems. All areas from power steering to clutch master cylinders, from braking systems to tappet clearances. Preventative maintenance is always less expensive and avoids major inconvenience and cost.

Phone our workshop today on 0755 960 668 to make your booking.