Log Book & General Servicing

Yes, we do manufacturers log book servicing, however we beleive that no one vehicle is ever used identically to another. Therefore no vehicle can have a standard service (ie log book). The vehicle may have done 10,000km in 12 months taxiing the kids to school, or it may have done the same 10,000km touring the outback in conditions vastly different to those in the city. It is not sufficient to say you only need to check this or that particular aspect of vehicle function every 'X' thousand of kms.

It is very much like saying there is no difference between around town cruising and towing a 26', 1.5 tonne caravan around the country. Brakes, driveline, tansmission, suspension etc, are all affected according to usage, not necessarily mileage.

When we service a vehicle, we inspect every aspect of the vehicle to find faults or wear and tear.